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MapDash-Teams is the future of Team Building

Our design tools allow you to quickly customize your event – tailoring the event to your company’s culture and needs. Our reporting tools enable real-time monitoring and report generation. MapDash gets your teams out, working together in a fun event using the latest technology

An interactive, mobile-phone scavenger hunt that gets your team moving.


  • Full set of custom design tools
  • Diverse Challenges types: Locations, Photos, Questions
  • Report generation – how did each team do?
  • Real-time Monitoring – organizer can view each Player’s location
  • Follow-along private website – others in your company can see the leaderboard and map
Map Dash was an AMAZING team building tool for our company celebration! The amazing race feel, innovative technology and ease of use was a HUGE hit!!

- Lululemon Athletica Inc.

What a wonderful tool! Staff had fun learning to work together in a whole new way, applying their strengths and enhancing their strategic thinking skills while still having a load of fun! It’s hard to fit in all the positive I have to say about it…

- VEC, City of Vancouver

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